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Bonis was born in 1970 and established itself as a leading European manufacturer and distributor of snow boots.


Bonis was established as a manufacturer and distributor of fashionable snow boots. Bonis footwear has been exported throughout Europe and sold in the most prestigious shops.


Bonis developed into S.p.a. and included Men's casual footwear and hiking boots in its product range.
In the late '80s Bonis became a Service Company, acting as a quality partner offering design, engineering and production to the most prestigious brands in sportswear fashion.


Bonis Group began to relocate part of its production in Romania through joint contract ventures with local companies.


Bontimes, a subsidiary company based in Timisoara, was created with two purposes: firstly to directly manage outsourced production as well as to promote its own brand BIT through an independent distribution network in Eastern Europe..


BBonis opened a second Romanian-based subsidiary, CD Bons, in Cluj Napoca. Bonis started establishing relationships in subcontracting and joint ventures with major Asian manufacturers in Vietnam, India and Indonesia. These collaborations intensified throughout the years to reach a total of 750,000 pairs produced in Asian factories in 2010.


Anticipating REACH regulations, Bonis created an inside Quality Control team for raw materials. All incoming materials are tested before being put into the production cycle in order to rule out the presence of toxic substances. Furthermore, Bonis signed an exclusive license agreement with U.S. Polo Properties for the design, production and marketing of the brand U.S. Polo Assn. in the European territory.


Bonis can count on an extensive network of agents and distributors covering the entire European territory. Its products are sold in over 2,000 stores and are positioned in the upper-middle segment of the market. Bonis also continues its multi-year partnership with leading sportswear brands.