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Bonis Group is organised into two strategic business areas: the first deals with Private Label and contract manufacturing, the second directly manages the licensees. Bonis Group also operates two subsidiary companies located in Romania: Bontimes based in Timisoara, and CD Bons based in Cluj Napoca.

Bontimes has 240 employees and produces 300,000 pairs of shoes per year, 35% for Bonis and the remaining 65% for more than 400 clients of Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Russia. Bontimes also sells its own brand of casual and sports footwear – BIT – through an independent Eastern European distribution network.

CD Bons handles high quality production and the use of the license for the waterproof membrane Gore-Tex ®. This branch has 220 employees and in 2010 alone produced 350,000 pairs of shoes.